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The programmes

"...There comes a time when sales and sales leadership teams are deserving of methods and strategies that go beyond the 'typical' sales training basics. When your sales teams require something special, you should, without hesitation engage with Gary May to deliver one of his world-class training programmes." Peter M - MD

Legendary Sales Leadership

world-class sales leadership coaching & development programme
Becoming a Legendary Sales Leader is crucial for your team to sell at an elite level and ensuring your legendary status.
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Elite Sales Mastery

elite sales training & coaching programme
Understanding and implementing the latest Sales Psychology, Decision Making Theory combined with the Sciences of Influence & Persuasion, is a crucial key for your teams to go from good to the Legendary Elite.

Legendary Lead Generation

elite lead generation & appointment setting training programme
The creation of new business leads is vital for sustained business growth. Using strategies from the Science of Influence & Persuasion, Sales & Consumer Psychology ensures your team perform at an elite and legendary level. 

World-Class Business Acceleration BluePrints

sales acceleration programme
Differentiating your business from the competition and acquiring unlimited amounts of referrals is critical for any sales organisation wanting to achieve legendary status within their industry.

Legendary Sales Leadership

world-class sales leadership coaching & development programme
Sales Leadership

Never before has such a comprehensive and intensive programme been put together for the creation of elite sales leaders. Not only does it contain management and leadership strategies, but it will provide you will all the world-class content from my other legendary coaching programmes. I want to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to become a Sales Leader of Legendary Status.

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What's included?

Public speaking & group delivery 

Being able to present to a board of directors or sat in face to face in an office is not the same a delivering to your team. Understanding your team's group dynamic, who influences who and how to communicate each person are skills often overlooked and left out of traditional sales training; however, they are vital for any sales leader. Having the skills, confidence and knowledge of where to stand, how to field questions and how to spot, interest, understanding, and boredom is essential. 

[WARNING: Losing control of the room and your entire team and company suffer but who will be made responsible?]

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Motivation Mastery
Keeping your teams motivated and wanting to succeed is vital for the success of any sales leader. Unfortunately, making your team watch a funny video, sending them endless motivational quotes and telling them to keep positive isn't going to cut it. During this model, you will learn numerous techniques to ensure your teams are highly motivated, engaged and at the top of their game.
Elite performance measurement

Are your current KPI measures measuring the true skill set of your team? Generally, the measure of a 'Good' Salesperson in most businesses is by 'how much revenue/profit/turnover is brought into the business' or for some they prefer 'the number of sales closed or converted'. Both of these are reasonable indicators in their own right but, unfortunately, both massively flawed in measuring true salesmanship. Together will look and discover alternative KPI's and statistics which will not only show your true superstars but will help design your training programmes and revolutionise your team's focus and motivation.

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Become a legendary sales trainer
One for the most important aspects of being a sales leader is your ability to coach, convey ideas and deliver expert training to your teams. Noticeably, left out of traditional sales leadership programmes, I will give you the tools and materials so that you can design elite sales training programmes and identify your team's training needs.
Implementation is everything!

One of my original mentors, Dave Lakhani (multiple best-selling author and world-class speaker) has a saying.

"Implementation is everything, and money follows action!"

How true is that?! As a sales leader, not only do you have to deliver world-class training, but you are responsible for your team's implementation of it. This is one of the hardest and most frustrating things a sales leader faces. During this module, we look at various models and techniques to inspire and ensure your team implement your coaching and training.

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Legendary sales meeting model
Your weekly, monthly, quarterly or even your annual sales meetings can be either a welcomed injection of inspiration to your team or a simply a day where they couldn't sell and source of resentment! I will give you and take you through step-by-step my elite sales meeting model to create events your teams can't wait to be a part of.
Performance management mastery

Have you been praising the wrong people?

We all know that conversion rates, the number of sales and profit are the indicators of a great salesperson? Or are they?

Unfortunately, all three of these measures have vital flaws in the identification of what is a true elite performer. I will take you through what statistics are required in order for you to measure who are your real tops performers. Often it is not who you would think!

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This programme also includes the content from:

Legendary Sales Mastery

Legendary Lead Generation 

Legendary Business Acceleration BluePrints

Legendary Sales Leadership programme duration
Who should attend?

Without a doubt, this is my premium and most comprehensive coaching programme I have ever put together. Due to the world-class content and the level of learning required the programme is by application only.


Entry is only open to those who are serious about their role and want to take their sales leadership career to the very highest levels.

In Person Training - 4 Full Intensive Days

Online Programme - 12 Weeks

Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive and expertly designed sales leadership programme containing so much world-class content, expert mentorship and award-winning strategies.


NOTE: Only the seriously ambitious and dedicated should attend!

Typical roles include: Business Owners/Managing Directors/Sales Directors/Sales Leaders/Sales Managers/Sales Trainers

For more information, availability and pricing:

Elite Sales Mastery

elite training & coaching programme for field-based sales and business development professionals
Sales Mastery

Designed for those who are the coal face of sales, meeting the prospects and closing the sales, my signature Elite Sales Mastery programme is responsible for creating some of the most prolific and award-winning sales organisations and sales professionals across multiple industries and in 28 countries.

Elite Sales Mastery accolades:

  • Sales team conversion rate increased by 68% against previous year figures

  • Huge 40% reduction of "I want to think about it" objections

  • Typical sales cycle time cut by half from the initial meeting to a secured order

  • Sustained average order values increased by 33% against previous year results

  • Order 'Win' rates of 78% when placed in a competitive selling situation 

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What's included?

The fundamental pillars of influence and persuasion

Grounded in Psychology and Scientifically proven the fundamentals of influence & persuasion, are a crucial key to ensure your team have an in-depth understanding of how their prospects think, how they act and the processes they use to make a good buying decision because human nature never changes!

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Elite remote selling
Untitled design (74).png
Selling using video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM, Skype and Team is a totally different skill than selling face to face. This is a module your teams cannot afford to miss out on because selling and presenting remotely is here to stay! 
Presenting on screen is a different art form than when presenting in person. Body language is restricted into a narrow field of view so a different posture has to be adopted, eye contact is limited as you can't look at the screen and camera at the same time, expert questioning strategies are critical, not only for the answers but to ensure the control and direction of the meeting.  Then there's the deadly curse of ALL remote meetings! Not listening and over talking! (Sorry, you go. No, it's fine, you go) Remote meetings are the 'Nemesis' of the 'over-enthusiastic', 'salesy', 'pushy', 'talk, talk, talk, never listens' type salesperson! Prospects don't have to put up with it remotely and can simply press the button marked, leave!

Superior social selling

Social media platforms have become the new and improved data lists and yellow pages of old. Understanding how to sell effectively and profitably using social media is an absolute must in today's digital world. Learn how to connect with new prospects effectively, how to engage in meaningful conversations and how to separate your posts from everyone elses. Did you know that Linkedin gives you a rating based on your social selling ability? A low score reduces how far your posts reach?!

[As a simple example, hold your mobile phone camera at the QR code shown] 

Mindset mastery
Without the right mindset, you might as well give up. During this incredible module, I will show and give you the vital strategies to have the mindset of an elite sales legend. You'll discover how to create unwavering motivation, how to create strategic confidence and how to attain untold energy even when things get tough. I will detail how to measure your true performance over and above conversion and profit levels, how to constantly replicate your sales successes and how to always be on your game! 
The psychology of buying
Your team will get a fascinating insight as to what compels you, me and your prospects to make buying decisions. We'd all like to think we make our own decisions; however, the research proves this to be totally wrong! Taking the form of 40 buying scenarios, your team will learn more on this subject in 2 hours than 20 years of sales experience and traditional sales training techniques.
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Building a persuasive persona
Tradition tells us that, 'you only get one chance to make a good impression' and 'people buy from people'. Taking this logic then the ‘Opening’ of a sale is immeasurably more important than the traditional ‘Close’. So why isn't creating a persuasive persona and building brand you one of the first things you learn in sales? You will discover what it 'actually' takes to be a person others are compelled to buy from and how to create a persuasive, infectious and influential persona.
Elite questioning techniques

We all know through sales psychology that buying decisions are based purely on emotions and justify with logic right?. Why then are we listening and then taking action based on prospects logical answers?

I will share with you two totally unique questioning techniques that will ensure you and your team always get the answers you desire and always uncover those normally hidden and non-verbalised objections.

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Legendary closing strategies
With over two years of research, recorded results and scientific proof, you and your teams will not only be exposed to Gary's unique closing strategies but one of the most successful closing methods ever created! This is something every sales team would love to acquire!
Are you selling or seducing?

Why do loyal customers suddenly jump ship and take their business to a competitor? Why have prospects chosen an inferior product over yours? The answer is that they were seduced rather than sold to! Understanding the power of seduction is the missing key to winning against competitors but the generation of vast amounts of referral and word-of-mouth business. The art of seduction is the difference between making a sale and building an everlasting relationship.

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The art of persuasive storytelling
Isn't it fascinating that we all can recall in great detail fairy tales and stories from our childhood, but yet we often struggle with remembering what we did yesterday? What is it about the construction of a well-told story that makes them so appealing for our brains to keep hold of and retain every last detail? What if your sales presentations were remembered by everyone who ever heard it and was re-told to others containing every little detail? Get this right, and your sales presentation becomes the stuff of legends!
Elite body language techniques

Reported statistics show that up to 93% of communication is through body language and nonverbal communication rather than what you actually say! This module is not your usual 'crossed arms = defensive' body language 101! I will show and teach your teams the psychology of seating and where to sit in any context to ensure maximum persuasiveness. You'll discover phenomena and strategies virtually unknown by salespeople regarding right ear advantage and persuasive postures. This is one you definitely don't want to miss or have your competitors know about.

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Role projection mastery
Disclaimer: Role projection is quite simply the most profitable, persuasive, life-changing and unique strategy you and your team will ever be privy to. Statistically, it has single-handedly reduced ‘I want to think about it’ by over 40% for clients who have employed the utterly compelling strategy and piece of human behaviour. Is it possible to have others 'play' a role for you that you have designed and given to them? Do we actually make our own decisions, or are we simply the product of the roles others have giving us to play? I guarantee your team will be glued to their seats and listening to every word of this totally unique strategy.
Prospect chasing elimination

Having to chase prospects for a decision, another meeting or signed paperwork is a job role in itself. What if I told you that how you've been trained to chase prospects is actually causing them to say no! Once a prospect has everything they need, they will revert to their timeframe, not yours. I will show you how by using two proven psychological principles, you can reverse the process and have prospects chasing you! 

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Eradicating buying objections - Omega Strategies
Omega Strategies - Pioneered and invented by one of my good friends and mentor, Dr Eric Knowles, for the first time you and your team will have an exact understanding of what, how and when a prospect has buying resistance. You'll understand what type of resistance they are experiencing and how to eradicate it before asking for the order ensuring you never have to hear NO! Knowing these critical strategies will put your team decades ahead of the competition.
Selling to groups & controlling the room

Understanding group dynamics, who influences who, and when to communicate with each person are skills often overlooked by traditional sales training but are vital for any salesperson. Having the skills, confidence and knowledge of where to stand, how to field questions and how to spot audience buy-in, interest, and boredom are critical to the meeting outcome. With multiple participants in a meeting, it is crucial you understand how to use their existing relationship to aid you in any sales process. Get a NO from the wrong person, and this will invariably will influence the entire table! [It isn’t the person who you would think that is the most dangerous]

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Note: The above content is only a sample of what is and can be covered. Before any programme is agreed, we will have a discovery call to ascertain current performance levels, skill sets, expectations and content specifics.

Who is the training programme for?

Disclaimer: If you're after a 'cheap training option' to keep the team happy, or a course covering the basics, I can tell you that this isn't the programme for you. (I will gladly give you the details of some cheap and/or generic options if this is what you require)

I have created this programme specifically for those who want to build a hugely successful sales career and take the role of being a salesperson seriously.

So, whether you're new to sales or have 20 years experience, whether you're out on the road or responsible for an entire team, if you want to learn the very best strategies and techniques coming from the very latest sales, influence & persuasion research then this is the programme you've always wanted to be a part of! 

Typical roles include: Sales Leaders/Sales Management/Field Sales/Business Development/Direct Sales Exec/Sales Consultant

Elite Sales Mastery programme duration

I can adapt the training programme content and levels of team participation to coincide with your businesses requirements and time constraints, whether that's a

one-off single day or a full blown 5 day intensive training programme.

The Elite Sales Mastery Programme can be delivered remotely online or face-to-face. 

In Person Training - 2 Days

Online Programme - 6 Weeks

Note: Before any programme is agreed I suggest that we have a discovery call for me to understand your objectives and expectations and for me to understand group size, current skill sets and performance levels.

For more information, availability and pricing:
Lead Generation

Legendary Lead Generation

elite training & coaching programme for lead generation, appointment setting and selling over the telephone

Designed for those who are tasked with generating new business leads, creating sales appointments and telemarketing new prospects.

With one of the most challenging jobs in any sales organisation, this world-class programme will ensure you have the very latest sales psychology, influence and persuasion strategies to not only outperform your competitors 'traditional' sales efforts but consistently exceed your sales targets.  

Legendary Lead Generation accolades:

  • Decision maker 'put through' rate increased by 50% 

  • How to convert "Send me some information" objection into a sales appointment

  • Conversion rates dramatically increased from 3% to 37% for lead generation calls 

  • Appointment cancellations reduced by 72%

  • An incredible 92% of prospects requesting you to do a full pitch!

What others have said

What's included?

Untitled design (36).png

The monumental 

importance of your role

Unfortunately, when asked, those in the positions of a lead generator, telemarketer, telesales, or appointment setter will be of the opinion that their position is towards the bottom of the company ladder. In reality, their roles are critical to the prosperity of any businesses.  Without having legendary lead generators, there's NO appointment made, NO opportunities to sell, NO profits into the business and ultimately NO lasting future for the business! 

The critical art of social prospecting

Have your team unlock monumental opportunities by understanding and implementing social prospecting strategies. In this vital module, your team will be exposed to how to search for their ideal prospect using boolean search terms, how to connect to people without offending or annoying them and how to create conversations that don't frustrate or repel prospects.

[As a simple example, hold your mobile phone camera at the QR code shown] 

Mindset mastery
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If you've done it, then you'll know! Selling, lead generation and appointment setting are without doubt some of the hardest job roles within any organisation. Without the right mindset, it becomes all the more difficult and for some, impossible. During this incredible module, I will give you the strategies, ensuring you have the right mindset for success. You'll discover how to create unwavering motivation, how to strategically create confidence and how to keep energy levels high even when things get tough. I will detail how to measure your true performance over and above the number of calls, talk time etc, how to get yourself prepared for every single call and how to always be on top of your game! 
It's never what you say

Ever noticed that within two words, you have all the information you require to ask a friend whether they are alright? The understanding and mastery of voice tone is an absolutely crucial element for the success of anyone using the telephone to sell, persuade or ask another person to commit. You will learn the psychology of voice tone and how using the wrong one on just a single word will be causing the failure of your prospect and customer calls. (KEY POINT: Without knowing about and mastering this one module, I can guarantee everything else will suffer and you will not get the results you desire)

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Untitled design (37).png
Business leader insights
I have had the privilege of being consulted and working alongside some of the most talented and successful business leaders across 28 countries worldwide. What's the advantage of this? By questioning these elite leaders about their thoughts, frustrations and how they detect a sales call, I can now give your the insights that many others, including your competitors, don't have and will never know! 
Unique gatekeeper strategies

What you will not find here are the same old techniques known by everyone else, used your competitors and which can be found on numerous websites and existing publications. What you will find are completely unique approaches to gatekeeping utilising the laws of persuasion combined with the psychology of decision making.

Untitled design (38).png
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The one thing missing
What has been proven to be the most persuasive quality when selling to another person but yet is totally missing from nearly all sales calls? Empathy! In this module, I will show you how to build empathy into each and every call, ensuring you build instant rapport and differentiate your call from the thousands of others. What you currently believe is building rapport is actually the cause of your prospect claiming they are not interested and hanging up!
Permission granted

This one unique 'Gary May' strategy is responsible for increasing client conversion rates from 3% to 37% within two days! Never have I designed, researched and proven a strategy that has such a monumental effect on performance and sales results. This totally unique approach will give you and your team something that up until now has eluded even the very best telephone sales professionals, ‘Prospects giving YOU permission and asking you to carry on and present to them'.

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Untitled design (40).png
Influential questioning strategies
You will discover two very unique and persuasive forms of questioning technique that ensures you not only know the answers before you’ve asked the question, you keep full control of the conversation and uncover hidden objections that would otherwise result in you hearing NO.
Elite feature benefit pitching

Coming directly from the latest buying psychology and consumer behaviour research, you will learn the processes required for your prospects to buy-in to the features and benefits of your solution. All the research studies show that your prospects and existing clients brains have to receive information in a specific way and in dedicated order for them to see the true value of your proposition, take action and make a good buying decision.

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Objection mastery
Consumer and buying psychology proves that a prospects sales objections are the result of them experiencing either, resistance, reactance or inertia but how many salespeople understand this? Answer, virtually none. Knowing why a prospect has an objection means you can overcome it before it even exists. Pioneered by my good friend and mentor Dr Eric Knowles, I will take you through each type of buying objection and give you the required strategies to overcome each of them.
Legendary closing 

"...As soon as this closing strategy is published, it will be adopted by every known salesperson" Gary May

When we work together, I will tell you the exact same thing. Not only is my closing strategy unique, but it is the crowning glory of over two years worth of research and results. Never will you have heard or used any strategy that will outperform what I will share with you and with a success rate of 97.7%! 

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Cancellation Eradication
I get it! Booking an appointment, securing an order or receiving the necessary paperwork on the telephone is super tough! However, what's even tougher is having all your hard word disappear when a prospect or customer decides to cancel! In this critical module, I will show you an exacting step-by-step formula to eradicate cancellations, keep prospect interest levels high and have them looking forward to working or meeting with you.
Maximum compliance & unrivalled loyalty

Securing the order, setting an appointment or receiving the paperwork is only the beginning. What if you need to another meeting, locate missing documents or have an up or cross-selling proposition. Clients who have implemented my maximum compliance model have produced increased compliance levels and upselling results by 378% against their previous two years figures! 

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Legendary Lead Generation programme duration

I can adapt the training programme content and levels of team participation to coincide with your businesses requirements and time constraints, whether that's a one-off single day or a full blown 5 day intensive training programme.

The Legendary Lead Generation Programme can be delivered remotely online or preferably face-to-face. 

In Person Training - 2 Days

Online Programme - 6 Weeks

Note: Before any programme is agreed it is imperative that we have a discovery call for me to understand your objectives and expectations and for me to understand group size, current skill sets and performance levels.

Who should attend?

This is not your average, "...Hi, my name is" or "...Hi John, how are you" training programme.
My Legendary Lead Generation training programme has been designed and created for those who see their roles not as a 'stop-gap' but as a wealth building and meaningful career.
WARNING: If 'training' simply means time away from making calls, then this may not be the best fit for you. The programme content is intense, it's intelligent, but most importantly, it has to be implemented. 

Typical roles include: Sales Leaders/Sales Management/Appointment Setters/Telemarketers/Telesales/Lead Generators

For more information, availability and pricing:

The Business Acceleration BluePrints

elite coaching programme for business sales, lead generation and referral acceleration

The Differentiation BluePrint

Let's face it, virtually all USP's (Unique Selling Points) are nothing of the sort and should be called (Universal Sales Propositions) because what you are claiming as your USP's can be easily be found and often replicated on every one of your competitor's websites.  

The Differentiation BluPrint not only addresses these issues but will ethically eradicate all competition en-route! 

"... I'd generally feel uncomfortable in making such a huge claim, however, IF your competitors get hold of the 'Differentiation BluPrint – The Art of Dissuasion' before you do, then ultimately no matter what industry you are in, you WILL lose out to those competitors employing it!" Gary May 

FACT: Your prospects are bombarded with more competing sales offers than at any other point in human history. So the question is: How do you become their 'MUST HAVE' company to do business with? 

This 4 Step programme is a step-by-step walkthrough of Differentiation BluPrint - the art of dissuasion which has proven to utterly compel your prospects to purchase from you with astonishing conversion rates of over 78% when employed against your competitors.

Programmes highlights:

* Why you are losing vital business to your competitors even though you did all the hard work, did the best presentation and have the better products

* Learn how your USP's are nothing of the sort and are simply viewed as Universal Sales Propositions

* Understand how a single unanswered question will be the sole reason as to why you lost the deal to your competitors

* Discover how to completely change the framing of your proposal, presentation and sales pitch so that when choosing, your prospects make YOU the MUST HAVE company to do business with!

* Learn why it is SO easy for your competitors to CLAIM whatever they like at the expense of YOU

* Ensure your competitors HAVE to backup everything they claim or else LOSE the deal to YOU

"...Your Differentiation Bluprint is outstanding -- clear, new, extremely useful.  I am glad and proud to endorse it.  Your examples throughout are fresh and spot-on. They bring life to the principles you provide. Gary May tells companies how to be more successful without lowering their prices, bundling "free" incentives, or increasing their marketing budget. You got to love any plan that makes a sale more likely, and more profitable, and more likely to bring repeat customers, and more likely to produce word of mouth referrals. Gary May's clear, easy, and highly effective Differentiation BluPrint is, in fact, a psychologically sophisticated program to empower your clients to ask better questions about the products and services they are seeking.  His program builds allies, not just customers."


Dr Eric S. Knowles - Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Arkansas / Chief Scientist, Omega Change Consulting Group -

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The Seduction BluePrint

Question: If you knew that someone you loved was being seduced by another person's right now, would you be sat here reading this? Of course you wouldn't. However, I can categorically tell you that your hard-won customers/clients are on the phone and in sales meetings right now being seduced by your competitors.


So, what are you going to do about it?


With your existing customers being seduced continuously by your competitors, this model almost prevents them from ever accepting their unwanted advances. Discover why your customers are being contacted and how you can attain customers for life by adopting this simple yet highly effective model. 

The Seduction BluPrint will take you through a series of steps identifying why you gained clients in the first instance, why they leave you for your competitors, how to achieve lifetime loyalty and discover how to attract prospects in their droves. 

Are you selling or should are you seducing? That's what we'll discover. 

The Loyalty BluePrint

Together with the Seduction BluPrint, with the Loyalty BluPrint, we will identify why customers were attracted to you in the first place and then introduce a series of elements which ensure that they feel they can never leave you.

I will show the thought process, decision-making process and the psychology behind what creates a cult-like following for you and your company.


Together we will identify what is being done, what needs to be done and what could be done better to ensure you never need to lose a prospect, client or existing customer to a competitor again, but instead creating huge amounts of referral and word-of-mouth business.

Untitled design (41).png
The Business 
Acceleration BluePrint 
programme duration

All three business acceleration blueprints can be delivered and presented over the course of a single day. However, this is often extended if the client requires my help and guidance during the implementation process.

Who should attend?

Designed for Owners, Directors and Managers who are tasked and totally focussed on taking their business sales on to another level. These three separate courses are some of the most ingenious, unique and proven business acceleration strategies that you're ever likely to see or use.

Typical roles include: Business Owners/Managing Directors/Sales Directors/Sales Leaders/Sales Managers/Sales Trainers

For more information, availability and pricing:
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Legendary programme enquiry form

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