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Sales Accelerator Programme

The figures, results, and performance gains you'll see below aren't just incredible - they're what you can expect when you implement the unique techniques and strategies of our world-class Signature Sales Acceleration Programmes.

Our proven approach is designed to take your sales team to the next level and help you achieve exceptional results that set you apart from the competition.


With the Signature Sales Acceleration Programmes, you can expect to see significant improvements in your sales figures, performance, and overall results. 

Signature Sales Acceleration Programmes.

Post-Sales Accelerator programme clients experience a 60% reduction in their sales cycle duration

Implementation of the unique 'Leave Them Hanging' strategy results in Customer & Prospect compliance ratio increasing on average by 378% 

'I Want to Think About It' reduced by 42% by using the psychology of Buying & Decision Making Theory

New Business sales conversion rates increased by over 68% with the understanding and implementation of the 11 Laws of Persuasion

The Signature Sales Acceleration programmes are centred around six fundamental modules designed to take your team beyond the basics and onto sustained and measurable elite sales performance. 

With our comprehensive approach and unique, proven strategies, your team will have the tools they need to achieve unparalleled success and outperform the competition.

The Signature Sales Accelerator is credited as the driving force behind the telecom and ICT industry's most successful and award-winning sales teams and organisations.

With our world-class programmes and proven strategies, your team will be equipped to achieve unparalleled success and drive growth for your business in the competitive telecom and ICT industry.

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Brand YOU 

Tradition tells us that, 'you only get one chance to make a good impression' and 'People Buy From People'. So why isn't creating a persuasive persona and building the perfect 'Brand-You' one of the first things you learn in sales?

Answer: Because traditional sales training doesn't know and the phrases are simply overused cliches!


You will discover:

  • what it 'actually' takes to be a person others are compelled to buy from

  • how to create a persuasive, infectious, and influential persona

  • how to use and read body language to your advantage

  • understand how your dress sense is either helping or hindering your sales

  • where to sit to have the most persuasive effect

  • how to control a room and pitch from the front

  • what a handshake says about you and your prospects

  • why R.E.M.O.T.E selling needs a different approach to face to face

  • plus much more

Elite Sales Mastery

Building on the basics your team will be exposed to the next level in sales understanding. Coming from scientific research they will understand the Psychology of Sales and why 'Prospects Have Become Professional Non-Buyers'.

(Clue... They teach their teams to employ the same techniques as your team currently does. They know how to get you out of the door!)

In this crucial module, you will:

  • learn a unique closing technique that has a 97.7% success ratio

  • why 'Open & Closed' are the route of indecision, confusion, and 'I want to think about it'

  • understand why prospects say no even if you have the best proposal

  • why typical sales professionals lose sales when presenting features and benefits

  • discover that you've been asking the wrong person for a decision all along!

  • learn there are NO logical reasons for a prospect to say yes

  • plus much more

Psychology of Buying & Decision Making

Helping a prospect to buy is not the same as selling something to them. 

Understanding the psychology of Buying & Decision Making Theory will utterly revolutionise individual and team sales performance.


Now, I know what you're thinking... How long is the programme? (No you weren't but you certainly are now... keeping prospects 'on track' is vital if you want them to arrive at the YES response.)

You will learn:

  • giving the prospect all the information to make a decision is the very reason they won't make one

  • why prospects experience 'decision oscillation' (yes-no-yes) and if you ask at the wrong time the decision is irreversible

  • how presenting your product and service before or after your competitors will ultimately determine the prospect's decision.

  • plus much more

 Non Verbal Communication

Reported statistics show that up to 93% of communication is through body language and nonverbal communication rather than what you actually say!


This module is not your usual 'crossed arms = defensive' body language 101! No, not only will you discover how to ensure your body language is persuasive but more importantly an acute ability to read the non-verbal cues of your prospects.

Also included in the module:

  •  the psychology of seating and where to sit in any context to ensure maximum persuasiveness

  • discover phenomena and strategies virtually unknown by salespeople regarding right ear advantage

  • how to read body language clusters for immense accuracy

  •  learn the 7 universal gestures, what they mean, and how to change them

  • how using a single voice tone will destroy your presentation

  • discover how to present to groups, whom to ask questions of, and identify the true influencers in the room

  • the shocking unconscious biases of others, what they are, and how to overcome them

  • how to extract the meaning of a handshake

  • understand why eye contact is important and how to totally mess it up!

  • plus much more

Elite Pricing,  Negotiation & Closing Strategies

Science of Influence  & Persuasion

Knowing, understanding, and employing the 'Laws of Influence & Persuasion' is what makes an average sales professional an elite performer.

Created from years of psychological research these 'Universal Laws and Pillars of Human Nature' will give your team untold advantages over your competitors with their bog-standard sales pitches.

This one module is guaranteed to accelerate your team's performance instantly.


  • 11 Fundamental Laws of Persuasion

  • how starting a sentence or statement with a certain word will make it impossible to object to

  • why prospects delay their decisions and what you're doing to help them do it

  • why Omega Strategies are the future of sales but largely unknown to only but a few

  • how giving choices is a scientific exercise, not a polite one

  • why prospects cancel orders, change their mind, and what you can do to prevent it

  • how changing the 'Framing' of your proposal will change the result without changing the offer

  • plus much more

We know more about how other humans think than at any time in history, however, many sales professionals are still using the 'traditional sales methodologies' born out of the 70's and 80's.

Utilising the very latest scientific and proven research your team will be decades ahead of your competitors with strategies and techniques that get sales results.

Your team will learn:

  • how to persuade your prospect to purchase the more expensive option

  • how to increase Average Order Values by over 34%

  • discover how to eradicate any sales objections and turn them into reasons to buy

  • what your 'true' differentiators are, how to identify them and annihilate your competitors using the 'Differneitation BluePrint'

  • how to achieve an 87% Win Rate when proposing against your competitors

  • why your discounts have little to no effect and how to make them infinitely more influential

  • the psychology of 'Ordering' and why mentioning the wrong feature/benefit and the wrong time will cost you the sale

  • plus much more

Who is the programme for?

Whether you have a couple of individuals in need of a refresher or a team of 40 wanting to take over the industry, the Signature Sales Acceleration Programmes can be tailored to fit your needs and the requirements of your team.

Who should attend?

Sales Leaders / Sales Management /Field Sales / Business Development / Direct Sales Exec / Sales Consultant / Account Managers



The success and reputation of the Signature Sales Acceleration Programmes come down to this...

(Strategy) x (Implementation) = (Increased Performance)

Strategy x (No Implementation) = (Zero Perfomance Gain) 


Have no illusions the Sales Acceleration Programmes are intense and not for those wanting an easy few days off the road and for this reason, the programme is structured to ensure complete understanding and ongoing implementation.

Intense = 2 Full Training & Development Days 

Implementation = 2 Full Training & Development Days + 2 Implementation & Assessment Days

Sustained = 2 Full Training & Development Days + 11 Monthly Implementation & Coaching Days

NOTE: Programmes can be run as face-to-face events or remote/online courses

Investment Costs


For pricing, queries, and availability, complete the inquiry form below.

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