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Business Acceleration Programme

Tailored to meet the unique needs of telecoms, mobile, and ICT businesses dedicated to expanding their sales, boosting average order values, shortening sales cycles, and swiftly outpacing their rivals.

Signature Business Acceleration Programme.

The Business Acceleration programme has helped over 100 clients recognised as Industry award nominees and category winners

Win rate of 87% when up against industry competitors ensuring you are the 'Must Have' company to do business with

Considered by industry peers to be in the Top 1% of Sales, Influence & Persuasion Authorities

Clients experience an Average Order Value increase of 42% with the introduction of ONE simple pricing strategy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level or benchmarked against industry-leading companies?

Look no further than the Signature Business Acceleration Program.

This comprehensive program provides an uncompromising evaluation, analysis, and remodelling of your sales, lead generation, and referral activities using unparalleled, proven, and validated growth strategies. Working closely with you and your team to identify the areas of your business that need improvement together we develop a customised plan to drive growth and quickly increase your bottom line.

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The Business Acceleration Programme

Question: Have you ever sought an expert's unbiased opinion on your sales, marketing, lead generation, and referral activities?

Understandably, who would want to welcome a stranger into their home to criticise their interior design, layout, and furniture?

But what if that person provided you with ideas, techniques, and suggestions that could increase the value of your home by 47.2% simply by rearranging and revamping what you already have? Would it be worth it then?

With a track record of creating and implementing some of the industry's most successful Business Acceleration strategies, we work together to analyse the fundamental activities and strategies that are driving or impeding your business growth. We identify areas that need improvement and devise methods to accelerate your sales.

If we are unable to identify any significant growth opportunities, then you won't be charged!

How It Works

Step 1:

As a team, we initially conduct an objective assessment of your current position, evaluating what is effective, what is not, and the business objectives and goals.

Step 2:

A series of meetings are scheduled with Department Heads, where we delve into the internal workings of the department. We analyze:

  • Current performance and issues

  • Approach to lead generation, presentation, and referral generation

  • Delivery of proposals and presentations

  • Existing pricing, discounting, and bundling strategies

  • Collected statistics and data

  • Analysis of call recordings, remote sales presentations, etc.

And much more.

Step 3:

We deliver a comprehensive 'warts and all' presentation, explaining and justifying the current findings, performance obstacles, and revised techniques and strategies to company and department heads.

Step 4:

We discuss and establish a detailed plan for 'Implementation, Training & Monitoring.'

Where appropriate, we arrange and provide individual team training to ensure implementation and increased performance.

Programme Considerations

  • Are you using 'Pricing & Buyer Psychology' to guide customers towards the products or services that you want them to buy?

  • Have the team been exposed to Omega Stratiged and how they eliminate resistance to being sold to?

  • Do your team members understand and employ the Zeigarnik Effect to influence buying decisions?

  • Do your supposed 'Unique Selling Points' (USPs) truly differentiate your business, or are they merely 'Universal Sales Propositions' that can be found on your competitors' websites?

  • Is your team leveraging the Laws of Persuasion to establish themselves as the 'go-to' people in your industry?

  • Do your sales presentations employ the 'Ordering Effect' to create a perception of greater value to potential customers?

  • Do you use the Law of Reciprocity, Contrast, and Expectancy in your proposals to create a sense of urgency and shorten the sales cycle?

  • Are your team members familiar with the 'Seat of Confrontation' and able to arrange seating to reduce resistance?

  • Are your team members perfecting their persuasive persona, body language, and personal brand to ensure that they are the ones customers feel compelled to buy from?

  • Are your marketing and presentation efforts inadvertently reinforcing customers' emotional attachment to their current possessions?

Who is the programme for?

This elite-level programme is aimed at board directors and senior stakeholders within the sales department. 

Who should attend?

Owners, managing Directors, Sales & Marketing Directors, Head of Sales, Sales Managers


Signature Business Acceleration Programme Duration

The success and reputation of the Signature Business Acceleration Programme will come down to this...

(Strategy) + (Implementation) = (Increased Performance)

Strategy + (No Implementation) = (Zero Perfomance Gain) 


Due to the comprehensive nature of the programme, the initial 'Evaluation & Analysis is carried out over two full days with a discovery and recommendation presentation taking place on the afternoon of day two to the major stakeholders.

Evalution, Analysis & Recommendation = 2 Full Days 

If further specific training and coaching are required these will be arranged outside of the Business Acceleration Programme.

Investment Costs


For pricing and availability please use the Enquiry Now link below.

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