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Who is Gary May? 

As someone working in the channel, you know how critical it is to have a top-performing sales and lead generation team in today's highly competitive and constantly evolving marketplace.


However, it's reasonable to have reservations about bringing in an external expert to assist your team in reaching elite-level performance especially if you have an in-house sales and lead generation training programme.

Gary May is a world and industry-renowned sales strategist, trainer and coach with an unrivalled track record.

Gary has collaborated with and helped develop some of the Telecom & ICT's most prolific sales and lead generation teams, such as Gamma, Focus, Pragma, 4Com, Berry, Silvercloud, and many others. His unique insights, unrivalled strategies, and exceptional sales training have been instrumental in aiding companies to generate huge numbers of new sales leads, massively increased conversion rates, higher order values, and the driving force behind vast quantities of referral business.


He has now trained, developed, and mentored thousands of elite salespeople and sales leaders in businesses across 28 countries worldwide.


He is the best-selling co-author of "SELLING - Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success" and the author of "The Persuasion BluPrint" and "The Differentiation BluPrint" critically acclaimed programmes.

Gary's expertise and years of research have resulted in him being widely acknowledged as the "MUST HAVE" sales acceleration expert within the Telecom and IT industry. He has been a consultant to the BBC as an industry expert and has been credited as being in the top 1% of Influence & Persuasion Experts by Industry Peers.

Gary's established track record speaks volumes, and he is confident that he can assist your sales and lead generation team in reaching new heights of success. With his proven history of success and unique and proven strategies backed by science, Gary's Signature Programs are not for those who are faint-hearted or those who are not willing to explore new ideas.

Selection of Accolades

Best Selling Co-Author of SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success

Author & Producer ‘The Persuasion BluPrint’ Programme

Author & Producer of ‘The Differentiation BluPrint’  Programme

Presented and delivered in 28 countries worldwide

Multiple industry magazine articles published

Comms Dealer - Sales Guru

Speaker at Comms Vision - Glen Eagles

Consultant to the BBC as an Industry Expert


5 Times Keynote Speaker at the Sales & Persuasion Conference Las Vegas USA

Founder & President of the Association of Sales Professionals UK

Over 100 Client Industry Award Nominations & Catagory Winners

Credited as being in the Top 1% of Influence & Persuasion Experts by Industry Peers

Gary's Publications

Selection of Clients


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