Creating Sales Legends


Who is Gary May? 

Originally from Southampton in the UK, famed for where the Titanic set sail, I'm a relentless sales and psychology researcher, a bit of a sales nerd but have a wonderful gift for helping, coaching and training others.


My goal is to create as many successful and wealthy people as I possibly can through my sales training, coaching, mentoring and sharing my wealth of knowledge and years of research into Sales Psychology, Sciences of Influence & Persuasion, Psychology of Buying and Decision Making. 


"...To say I am proud of what I do, and what I've achieved, is a massive understatement having been credited as being instrumental in creating and mentoring of numerous self-made millionaires, aided and coached multiple businesses resulting in their exponential growth year on year and being recognised as in the top 1% of sales and persuasion experts by my peers.


These are incredible accolades, but the one I'm most proud of is the fantastic relationship I have with my son, knowing I've done a great job as his dad and being a good role model to him."

Why me?

The question is an easy one for me to answer.


Quite simply, I was extremely unhappy, really disappointed, and at times utterly disgusted with how I was trained at the start of my Sales career.

If you've seen me speak on stage or have been a part of my sales training programmes, then you'll know exactly what to expect. An inspirational, fast-paced, machine gun presenter with unique sales strategy after unique sales strategy coming one after the other yet, every one of them being expertly explained with real-life experiences, astute observations, and backed by proven scientific research.
Whether you book me to speak at your sales event or have me conduct one of my Legendary Sales Training Programmes for your teams, with me, you are guaranteed to walk away massively inspired and hugely motivated, a head full of profitable new strategies and a huge smile on your face.

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Having trained, coached and mentored thousands of ‘Elite’ salespeople and legendary sales leaders in businesses in over 28 countries worldwide, with me you are getting the brain, the research and the passion behind the strategies NOT just someone who has been trained to deliver them.

With an unrivalled track record, my expertise and years of research have resulted in me being widely acknowledged as the ‘MUST HAVE’ sales acceleration expert amongst my peers.

As a Sales Strategist, my unique insights, unrivalled strategies and exceptional sales training have been instrumental in aiding companies generated huge numbers of new sales leads, massively increased conversion rates, higher order values and the driving force behind vast quantities of referral business.

Selection of Accolades:

Best Selling Co-Author of SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success

Producer ‘The Persuasion BluPrint’ Audio Programme

Producer of ‘The Differentiation BluPrint’ Audio & DVD Programme

Presented and delivered in 28 countries worldwide

Multiple industry magazine articles published

Consultant to the BBC as an Industry Expert


5 Times Keynote Speaker at the Sales & Persuasion Conference Las Vegas USA (The only ever UK based speaker)

Founder & President of the Association of Sales Professionals UK

78 Client Finalists in National Sales Awards 2016 - 2019

38 Client Finalists in a National Sales Awards 2016 - 2019

21st Fastest Growing Company Award 2003 – As Sales Director

17th Fastest Growing Company Award 2004 – As Sales Director

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