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Lead Generation Model

The figures, results, and performance gains you'll see below aren't just incredible - they're what you can expect when you implement the unique techniques and strategies of our world-class

Signature Lead Generation Model.

Our proven approach is designed to take your lead generation, telemarketing and appointment-setting teams to the next level and help you achieve exceptional results that set you apart from the competition.


With the Signature Lead Generation Model, you can expect significant improvements in your lead generation figures, performance, and overall results. 

Signature Lead Generation Model Programme.

Number of New Business Sales leads increase by 37% with the implementation of one hugely successful strategy

Implementation of the unique 'Leave Them Hanging' strategy results in Customer & Prospect compliance ratio increasing on average by 378% 

Over 70% reduction in Sales Appointment cancellations by employing a simple psychological technique

226% increase in prospect telephone and video call engagement

The Signature Lead Generation Model revolves around four key pillars and is specifically tailored for individuals responsible for generating new business leads and setting up sales appointments through telemarketing, referrals, and social media.

This exceptional program and its exclusive techniques and strategies have been widely acknowledged as the catalysts behind numerous industry-leading sales teams and organizations, known for their unparalleled success and recognition.

Data, Planning & Social Media Mastery

Whether your team uses the telephone, email, text messaging, or social media to generate leads the quality of data is a critical part of any lead generation role.

Often overlooked this vital aspect to the success in the role is what your team will learn and master in this elite-level module.

Your team will:

  • Mindset mastery - If you've done it, then you'll know! Selling, lead generation, and appointment setting are without doubt some of the hardest job roles within any organisation. Without the right mindset, it becomes all the more difficult and for some, impossible. During this incredible module, your team will learn how to create the perfect mindset for success. Discover how to create unwavering motivation and strategic confidence.

  • learn how to effectively and efficiently clean & refresh their data before making contact with prospects

  • understand where to acquire prospect information that your competitors wouldn't

  • learn the unique strategies used by our award-winning clients to source quality free data and information

  • discover how to create targetted searches using LinkedIn and other social media platforms

  • understand how LinkedIn promotes your posts, suggests connections, and rates your public profile

  • learn what your team's 'Social Selling Index' rating is and what needs to be done to improve it ensuring anyone looking for your product or service chooses you

  • discover how to create a lead-attracting Linkedin profile so you become the go-to person

  • how to use targeted hashtags to ensure you are notified of anyone looking for services and products in your field

  • plus much more

Pitch Perfect!

So now your team has quality data, a list of decision makers, the ideal product and service, and are ready to make contact.

Without elite-level presenting and pitching skills all that hard work of sourcing the perfect data is futile and the data is burned.

In this ground-breaking module, we get to look at all aspects of presenting and pitching your company's products and services ensuring your team has the very best chance of securing the sale, setting the appointment, and creating business-winning leads.

Included in the Pitch Perfect Module:

  • learn how to have prospects give you permission to carry on presenting with this utterly unique strategy that has seen conversion rates increase by over 300% (Yes it is that good!)

  • discover how it's never what you say but 100% how you say it. The psychology of Tonalilty will utterly blow your team away giving them a laserbeam understanding of why some team members succeed while others fail due to a single voice tone.

  • Business Leader Insights - Having delivered the Signature Programmes across 28 countries worldwide and have questioned business leaders regarding how they detect a sales call, what makes them listen to a lead generator, etc. I can now give your team these insights that many others, including your competitors, don't have and will never know! 

  • Unique Gatekeeper Strategies that work

  • how to expertly promote features and benefits, when to pitch which, and in which order for maximum persuasiveness

  • plus much more

Elite Pricing,  Negotiation & Closing Strategies

We know more about how other humans think than at any time in history, however, many sales professionals are still using the 'traditional sales methodologies' born out of the 70's and 80's.

Utilising the very latest scientific and proven research your team will be decades ahead of your competitors with strategies and techniques that get sales results.

Your team will learn:

  • how to persuade your prospect to purchase the more expensive option

  • how to increase Average Order Values by over 34%

  • discover how to eradicate any sales objections and turn them into reasons to buy

  • what your 'true' differentiators are, how to identify them and annihilate your competitors using the 'Differneitation BluePrint'

  • how to achieve an 87% Win Rate when proposing against your competitors

  • why your discounts have little to no effect and how to make them infinitely more influential

  • the psychology of 'Ordering' and why mentioning the wrong feature/benefit and the wrong time will cost you the sale

  • plus much more

Science of Influence  & Persuasion

Knowing, understanding, and employing the 'Laws of Influence & Persuasion' is what makes an average sales professional an elite performer.

Created from years of psychological research these 'Universal Laws and Pillars of Human Nature' will give your team untold advantages over your competitors with their bog-standard sales pitches.

This one module is guaranteed to accelerate your team's performance instantly.


  • 11 Fundamental Laws of Persuasion

  • how starting a sentence or statement with a certain word will make it impossible to object to

  • why prospects delay their decisions and what you're doing to help them do it

  • why Omega Strategies are the future of sales but largely unknown to only but a few

  • how giving choices is a scientific exercise, not a polite one

  • why prospects cancel orders, change their mind, and what you can do to prevent it

  • how changing the 'Framing' of your proposal will change the result without changing the offer

  • plus much more

Who is the programme for?

The Lead Generation Model is created for those tasked with generating new business leads, setting sales appointments and promoting the business through using the telephone, emails or social media.

"Whether you have a team of 2 or a team of 80

the Lead Generation Model has you and your team covered." 

Who should attend?

Sales Management / Telemarketers / Lead Generators / Telesales / Business Development Managers / Account Managers


Signature Lead Generation Model Duration

The success and reputation of the Signature Programmes come down to this...

(Strategy) + (Implementation) = (Increased Performance)

Intense = 2 Full Training & Development Days 

Implementation = 2 Full Training & Development Days + 2 Implementation & Development Days

Sustained = 2 Full Training & Development Days + 11 Monthly Implementation & Development Days

Online / Remote Programme available on request

Investment Costs


For pricing, queries, and availability, clinic the Enquire Now button below.

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