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Programme overview

Why is it presumed that selling remotely is the same as selling in-person?


QUESTION: Is watching a live concert the same as watching the band perform live on tv? ANSWER: NO!

QUESTION: Is going to the cinema the same as watching the same film at home? ANSWER: NO!

QUESTION: Does being a good footballer guarantee you'll be any good at playing FIFA on the Xbox?


This one-of-a-kind programme has been specifically designed only for those who take their sales career seriously.

It's for the professionals, the money-driven, the closers with one critical element in mind.

How to get what you have sold, to more people, while conducting your sales meetings remotely.


Disclaimer: If you've arrived here seeking; 'how to set up a camera', 'what lights should I buy' or 'what's the best software for remote selling?' then this isn't necessarily the right programme for you.


However, if what you're looking for are 'strategies to close more deals remotely', 'how to keep control & direction of a remote sales meeting' and 'how to use influence & persuasion strategies to sell more remotely' then welcome, you're definitely in the right place!

What is the R.E.M.O.T.E selling formula?

Result & Role Projection [Close first, present second]

Unlike selling face-to-face, building rapport remotely, especially with new prospects, is a totally different dynamic. With the absence of the obligatory handshakes and handing over of business cards, building rapport remotely can often be an awkward exercise. During this module, you will be exposed to my unique psychological persuasion strategy Role Projection.  We all would like to think we make our own decisions; however, the reality is that we are simply playing the roles others have projected onto us!


  • Learn how to get your desired result at the very start of your meeting.

  • Discover the Body Language, Posture and Non-Verbal communication strategies for creating remote rapport.

  • The art of Role Setting - Is it possible to have others 'play' a dedicated role for you that you have designed and given to them

  • Do we actually make our own decisions, or are we simply the product of the roles others have giving us to play?

  • I guarantee your team will be glued to their seats and listening to every word of this totally unique strategy.

Expectancy & Empathy [Fundamental Laws of Persuasion]

What's the most persuasive attribute you can have as a sales professional? Time and time again, the psychological research shows it is the innate ability to empathise. At its core, the phrase 'People Buy From People' is simply stating that those who have good empathy for others are those who tend to be at the top of the sales. Unfortunately, this is the one crucial aspect missing from the vast amount of salespeople who are selling online, however, by showing empathy and setting expectations early on in your presentation reaps enormous results and provides an instant rapport with the other person.



  • How to gain commitment and compliance from prospects within 3 minutes of the meeting starting. 

  • Why setting both yours and the prospects expectations is paramount for remote selling.

  • Learn how empathy is at the route of all successful meetings and how to employ it.

  • Understand the importance of managing your prospects sales meeting expectations and outcomes.

Meeting Management [Persuasive Questioning, Control & Direction]

If you've ever sold face-to-face, then you'll know that not managing a sales meeting and losing control of the direction can be an absolute curse of any presentation. Unfortunately, have this happen during a remote sales meeting will only ever compound the issue further often resulting in awkward silences, over speaking each other and ultimately a quick finish to the proceedings.

I go into great depth about how to keep control and have the direction of the meeting follow YOUR path and agenda, not the other way round.


  • How to question prospects to ensure YOU get the answers you desire.

  • Learn two unique questioning strategies which not only ensure you keep total control of the meeting but uncover and prevent sales objections.

  • How to keep control of prospects thoughts and desires on your mutual outcomes.

  • Discover a unique strategy to seamlessly migrate away from pitching and onto asking for the business.

  • How to keep control when presenting to groups.

Omega strategies [Eradicate buying resistance, reactance, scepticism

Pioneered and invented by one of my good friends and mentor, Dr Eric Knowles, for the first time, you will have an exact understanding of why, how and when a prospect has buying resistance and sales objections. You'll understand what type of resistance they are experiencing and how to eradicate it before asking for the order ensuring you never have to hear NO! Knowing these critical strategies will put you literally decades ahead of the competition and arm you with knowledge way beyond traditional sales techniques.


  • How to identify and overcome buying resistance, reactance, scepticism & inertia.

  • Learn how to identify the three types of buying resistance which cause prospects to say no or not to make a decision.

  • Discover how to eradicate objections and turn them into reasons to buy.

  • How to frame your product, service or solution to hear a YES!.

The close & next steps [Commitment, compliance & urgency]

With over two years of research, recorded results and scientific proof, you will not only be exposed to Gary's unique closing strategies but one of the most successful closing methods ever created! This is something every sales team would love to acquire!


  • Why traditional closing techniques are ineffective and utterly futile in the remote selling environment.

  • Discover why offering to help a prospect will actually cause them to say no.

  • How to prevent having to chase prospects and have them instead, chasing you!

  • You will learn two psychological principles to create decision making urgency.

Evaluation & Elite performance management 

Remote selling is the gift the sales industry has been waiting for. Never before in history have we had the opportunity to record, reply and evaluate our sales presentations. In this module, you will learn how to identify problem areas and how to eradicate them, which until now were unseen and never thought about.


  • How to evaluate and recognise a prospects body language, non-verbal and micro-mannerisms.

  • Discover my strategy to create unwavering strategic confidence.

  • Learn how to perfect your presentation and achieve elite performance.

  • How to profitably 'stage-manage' your sales presentation.

Here's how it works

#1 - Programme Enrolment

Once you enrol your team members, they will be sent a link to join a private Facebook group.




#2 - Before the Programme Start Date

On gaining access to the private Facebook group, each member will be required to complete and submit an 'Induction Form'. The form is designed for me to understand their current skills, performance levels, challenges and programme expectations.


#3 - Bi-Daily Training & Coaching 

Every other morning attendees will receive notification that their latest live or video training plus full documentation has been added to the private group.


#4 - Programme Progress Reporting 

Each training module is closely monitored and reported back to you. This ensures the programme attendees have not only watched the training but have completed the necessary exercises and tasks.


#5 - Live Group Support and Implementation Sessions 

Every week, your team members will have the opportunity to work with me directly. Together we will work on their individual challenges, performance levels, implementation troubles and lead generation pitches.


#6 - Assessment & Feedback

Without a doubt, this is one of the most valuable aspects of the supported programme for both you, your team and business. Your team members are invited to send their recorded sales presentations to me directly to be assessed with comments and adjustments fed back on to ensure understanding, implementation and progress.


#7 - Unlimited Email & In-Group Support

Of course, there will be times when a team member has a question, query or just requires clarification. Whether it's questioning, objection handling, feature benefits or closing, I want to ensure that if there is a concern, they have the opportunity to get the answers from me directly. On joining the programme, your team will receive a private group access and unlimited email support.



#8 - High Impact Accountability

The success of the programme is 100% dependant on your team's understanding and implementation of the material delivered. Every week they will be set a short exercise in order to monitor progression which once completed, I will require them to send back to me directly. 

What others have said

Who? When? How Much?


Who? How Long? Cost?

 Programme duration
Who should attend?

Without a doubt, this is my premium and most comprehensive coaching programme I have ever put together. Due to the world-class content and the level of learning required, the programme is by application only and on a first come first-served basis.


Entry is only open to those who are serious about their role and want to take their sales career to the very highest levels.

Online Programme - 28 days

WARNING: This is not your average 'fluffy', 'back to basics', 'refresher' type programme. NO! The programme is for those who want to sell more, close more and earn more. For those wanting to 'make friends' and have 100's of 'coffee buddies' who buy absolutely nothing, this isn't for you!


NOTE: Only the seriously ambitious, sales focussed and dedicated should apply!

Typical roles include: Business Owners/Sales Directors/Sales Managers/Sales Professionals/Business Development Managers/Account Managers

What the cost?

The question is, are your team worth the investment? 

28 Day Public/General Attendee Programme

Very Limited Group Size

12 x Coaching & Training Sessions

4 x LIVE implementation and Support Sessions

Unlimited Email & In-Group Support

Full Documentation

121 Personal Mentoring Sessions

Private Coaching Group Access

Total Programme Price:

only £499 per person

next programme to start Jan 21

28 Day "Company Exclusive" Programme

12 x Coaching & Training Sessions

Exclusive Industry Specific Strategies

Exclusive Company Product Examples

4 x LIVE implementation and Support Sessions

Unlimited Email & In-Group Support

Full Documentation

121 Personal Mentoring Sessions

121 Recorded Presentation Assessment, Analysis & Feedback

Exclusive Private Coaching Group

Total Programme Price:

only £699 per person

*minimum 5 attendees

R.E.M.O.T.E Selling Formula™️ enquiry & enrolment form

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