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“...economic conditions are no match for your strategies... Why? Because human nature never alters”
 Steve Chambers – 3G PLC

“...If you can't use Gary May to double your income, then it probably can't be done!"

Vince Harris – President of Harris Research International

“...Gary May is the ONLY Sales Trainer I'll being in from the UK to train my people. Period Dave Lakani - President of Bold Approach & Multiple Best Selling Author

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Hi, I'm Gary - Author, International Speaker, Elite Sales Trainer and Legendary Sales Leadership Mentor.


I have now worked with clients across 28 countries, and my coaching and sales training has been instrumental in creating some of the most prolific and award-winning sales teams and sales organisations across many industries. My years of relentless sales and psychology research have resulted in some of the sales industry's most unique and hugely successful strategies, which, when compared, have consistently outperformed 'traditional sales methods.'


My experience with outsourced sales trainers

As a Business Owner and many times as a Sales Director, I have engaged with outsourced trainers and coaches in a quest to help, educate and motivate my sales and lead generation team's.


When outsourcing sales training, the desire was to increase team performance, expose my team to new strategies and techniques and ultimately to grow my company profits and increase my team's income.

However, the sad fact is that on most occasions, I was left disappointed. The results were either short-lived or utterly non-existent, there was zero implementation planning, my teams left totally underwhelmed with the lack of any new content, and there was I left feeling like I'd just wasted a lot of company money on rehashed, rebranded, overused and to be honest, boring material.

Unquestionably, this has been the driving force behind the creation of my Elite Sales Training and Mentoring Programmes. I want to ensure that when you put me in front of your teams, they are totally engaged, they are highly motivated, exposed to the latest sales strategies, eager to implement with the result of increased and sustained performance.

The sales conundrum

The fact is, we know more about the human brain, why people make decisions and what causes someone to buy than at any other time in history. Yet, many of the techniques taught by 'Traditional Sales Training' are still reliant on 40-year-old thinking which was created by some 'back in the day' sales guru and their opinions rather than the proven scientific research and results we have today. No doubt you and your team have all heard over and over again the same old tired sales cliques of yesteryear. The ones that have been handed down through the sales training generations and revered as if they were the fabled sales secrets found on the walls of an ancient Sales Pharaohs Tomb or from gleaned from the lost text of an ancient Sales Religion!

​To all those who claim that sales principles never change I ask you this:

What other departments in any business could still function effectively and profitably having to rely on the technology, thinking and processes of 40 years ago?


  • The I.T. department? Nope!

  • The Accounts department? Nope!

  • The Customer Services department? Nope?

  • The Marketing department? Nope!

So why should sales? The most essential and vital function of any successful business!

The Guarantee

​"...My guarantee to anyone putting me in front of and trusting with their teams is to deliver the very latest in, sales, sales psychology, buying and decision making research and proven influence and persuasion strategies. Why? Because I need to ensure your team's increased sales performance, their sustained motivation, their immediate implementation and their replicable results.


My Legendary Sales Training Programmes are not for businesses seeking a 'Sales 101 - keep the team happy' training day and to spend money on someone to tell your team what they already know. When this is the case, then I might not be what you're looking for." Gary

The programmes

Whether a business owner, sales director, sales professional or lead generator, there comes a time when the basics aren't enough to match your financial goals and career ambitions.

Beyond the basics is where you'll find my Legendary Sales Programmes.

I imagine like me you have a strong desire to understand why people make their buying decisions, what is it that influences a person say yes when others say no and why are your products and services appealing to some yet others they are not. If you find Sales, Influence & Persuasion and Human Psychology fascinating, then you are, without question, in the right place!

FACT: In today's world being an elite sales professional and a sales leader of legendary status requires much more than 'the gift of the gab' being 'overly enthusiast' and 'playing the numbers game'.

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