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***30th June 2023 Availability Only***

Specialist 'Live' Online Training for Lead-Generators & Telemarketers in the Telecoms Channel 

My unrivalled & specialist training programmes have been the driving force in creating some of the industry's most prolific lead generation teams and multi-award-winning channel organisations. 

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Elite Level Lead Generation
training programme 

specifically designed for those in the telecoms & ICT channel, the lead generation training is a specialist online programme designed for those responsible and tasked with generating new business leads, telemarketing and appointment setting.


delivered, coached and supported by me personally, your team will have access to the most profitable and unique strategies found anywhere in the industry

Lead Generation

What will your team learn?

the content | details | strategies | techniques

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The Monumental Importance of Your Role

Unfortunately, individuals in roles such as lead generator, telemarketer, telesales representative, or appointment setter often perceive their positions as being at the bottom of the company ladder. However, the reality is that their roles are crucial to the success of any telecom business. Without exceptional lead generators, there would be no appointments, no selling opportunities, no profits, and ultimately, no sustainable future for the business.

Mastering the Mindset

If you've been in these roles, you know how challenging they can be. Lead generation and appointment setting are undeniably demanding job roles within any organization. Without the right mindset, the difficulty intensifies, and for some, it becomes insurmountable. In this module, I will share simple mindset techniques with your team to ensure they possess the mindset necessary for success. They will discover how to cultivate unwavering motivation, strategically build confidence, and maintain high energy levels even in challenging situations. I will explain how to evaluate true performance beyond call numbers and talk time, how to prepare for each call effectively, and how to consistently perform at the highest level.

It's Never What You Say - The Psychology of Tonality

Mastering tonality is the single most influential factor in determining success or failure in these roles. Understanding the psychology of tonality involves recognizing the three types of tonality and understanding how using the wrong one, even in a single word, can lead to failed calls. (KEY POINT: Without mastering this module, everything else will suffer, and your team will not achieve the desired results.)

Insights from Business Leaders - How They Detect a Cold Call

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of consulting and working alongside talented and successful business leaders in 28 countries. The advantage of this experience? By studying these elite leaders' thoughts, frustrations, and how they identify sales calls, I can provide your teams with incredible insights that many others, including your competitors, lack and will never discover.

Unique Gatekeeper Strategies

You may be an exceptional lead generator, but if you can't overcome the gatekeeper, you'll never have the opportunity to speak with the right person and generate leads. In this module, you won't find the same old techniques that everyone knows, used by your competitors and readily available on various websites and publications. Instead, you'll discover entirely unique approaches to gatekeeping that leverage the laws of persuasion and the psychology of decision-making.

The Missing Key - The Secret to Elite Lead Generation

What is the most persuasive quality missing from the majority of sales and lead generation calls? Empathy! In this module, I will show your team how to infuse empathy into every call, enabling them to build instant rapport and differentiate their calls from countless others. Previous clients have experienced a more than 300% increase in prospect compliance with this single strategy.

Permission Granted

This unique 'Gary May' strategy has proven to increase prospect call conversion rates from 3% to 37% in just two days! I have never before developed, researched, and validated a strategy with such a tremendous impact on performance and sales results. This entirely distinctive approach will provide you and your team with something that has eluded even the finest telephone sales professionals until now: prospects granting YOU permission and requesting you to continue and present to them.

Persuasive Questioning Strategies

Your team will discover two completely unique and persuasive forms of questioning that not only ensure they have the answers before asking the questions but also maintain full control of the conversation and uncover hidden objections that would otherwise result in hearing "NO."

Telecom & ICT-Specific Elite Feature Benefit Pitching

Telecoms and ICT industries are filled with acronyms, technical terms, and complex jargon that even industry insiders often struggle with. Based on the latest research on buying psychology and consumer behaviour, your team will learn the processes and methods necessary for your prospects to instantly buy into your solution. Research studies consistently show that prospects and existing clients need to receive information in a specific way and order for them to perceive the true value of your proposition, take action, and make informed buying decisions.

Objection Mastery

Consumer and buying psychology confirms that prospects' objections during the sales process stem from resistance, reactance, or inertia. However, how many salespeople truly understand this? The answer is virtually none. Understanding why and what causes prospect objections enables you to overcome them before they even arise. Pioneered by my esteemed friend and mentor Dr. Eric Knowles, author of "Omega Strategies," I will guide your team through each type of buying objection, equipping them with knowledge and precise strategies to overcome each one.

Legendary Closing

"...As soon as this closing strategy is published, I am utterly convinced it will be adopted by every known lead generation and telemarketing team. It's that good!!!" - Gary

When I work with your team, I will convey the exact same message. Not only is my closing strategy unique, but it also represents the culmination of over two years' worth of research and compiled results. With an impressive success rate of 97.7%, your team has never encountered or utilized a strategy that can outperform what I will share with them!

Cancellation Eradication

I understand the challenges of booking appointments, securing orders, or obtaining necessary paperwork over the phone. However, what's even more challenging is seeing your hard work vanish when a prospect or customer decides to cancel. In this critical module, I will present your team with an exact step-by-step formula to eradicate cancellations, maintain high prospect interest levels, and have them eagerly anticipate working or meeting with you.

Maximum Compliance & Unrivaled Loyalty

Closing a deal, setting an appointment, or receiving paperwork is just the beginning. But what if you need to arrange another meeting, locate missing documents, or propose an upsell or cross-sell? Previous clients who have implemented my maximum compliance model have achieved remarkable results, experiencing a 378% increase in compliance levels and upselling compared to their figures from the previous two years.

British Pound Coins

What's the investment?

Who's it for | what's included | how it works

One Day - Elite Lead-Generation Training Exclusively for the Channel

Who should attend?

This program is designed for individuals who are responsible for generating new business leads, telemarketing, and setting appointments.

Typical Roles: Telemarketers, Telemarketing Managers, Appointment Setters, Telesales Representatives, Lead Generators, Call Centre Agents.


Program Format:

  • Upon receipt of payment, you and your team will receive a link to a private MS Teams Meeting.

  • ALL delegates will be required to have their camera ON throughout the training or they will be removed.

  • The program will commence promptly at 10 am and conclude at 4 pm. There will be regular short breaks with an hour allocated for lunch.

  • Each delegate will have the opportunity to have a maximum of three call recordings reviewed, with specific and targeted email feedback provided for 30 days following the training program.

  • IMPORTANT: Delegates will not have interactive sessions with each other to avoid inter-company conversations.

Investment Details:

The cost is only £249 per person.

NOTE: Discounted pricing is available for group bookings of 5 or more. Please indicate your team size using the enquiry form, and I will respond directly to discuss the discounted rate.

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There are many sales trainers in the mar
There are many sales trainers in the mar
There are many sales trainers in the mar
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Programme Enquiry Form

Upon submission of the form, I will promptly confirm availability and coordinate the invoice and payment process.

Note: Discounted Pricing for Group Bookings of 5 and Over 

Thanks for your enquiry

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