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The UKs Leading Sales & Business Acceleration Programmes Specifically for the Telecom & ICT Channel

Expert Industry Knowledge + Elite Sales Acceleration Strategies


Unrivalled Channel Partner Results

As the industry leader, Signature provides targeted and world-class sales acceleration training and coaching programmes designed explicitly for Telecommunication, ICT, or Mobile Businesses to achieve exceptional sales performance and business growth. 

With cutting-edge techniques, unrivalled client results, and unique strategies, you'll gain a competitive advantage and stand out in a crowded marketplace in the midst of a sales frenzy!

The Signature programmes are trusted by top manufacturers, wholesalers, and resellers throughout the industry. We understand the unique challenges of your business and have the expertise to help you overcome them and succeed.

The results speak for themselves.

Statistically, clients increase their average order values by 42%

Sales appointments increase by an average of 37% within the first month

Client win rate is 87% when up against their competitors

New Business sales conversion rates increased by over 68% 

Signature Programmes

Business Acceleration

The Signature Business Acceleration programme is a proven, world-class solution that has been fine-tuned to perfection over the years.

Together,  will take a deep dive into your sales process, leaving no stone unturned. We will evaluate and analyse every aspect, from your data and deal structure to your presentation style and pricing strategy.


We won't just identify what's not working because we'll then remodel with cutting-edge sales techniques, the latest sales and buying psychology, and the best persuasive strategies to ensure you become the "must-have" company to do business with.

This programme is not just another "Consultancy Report". It's a comprehensive, results-driven solution that has been responsible for creating some of the industry's most prolific and multi-award-winning sales organisations year after year.

The track record speaks for itself.



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Sales Accelerator

The Signature Sales Accelerator programme is centred around six fundamental modules designed to take your team beyond the basics and onto sustained and measurable elite sales performance. 

With our comprehensive approach and unique, proven strategies, your team will have the tools they need to achieve unparalleled success and outperform the competition.

The Signature Sales Accelerator is credited as the driving force behind the telecom and ICT industry's most successful and award-winning sales teams and organisations.

With our world-class programme and proven strategies, your team will be equipped to achieve unparalleled success and drive growth for your business in the competitive telecom and ICT industry.

Lead Generator Model

The Signature Lead Generation Model revolves around four key pillars and is specifically tailored for individuals responsible for generating new business leads and setting up sales appointments through telemarketing, referrals, and social media. 

This exceptional program and its exclusive techniques and strategies have been widely acknowledged as the catalysts behind numerous industry-leading sales teams and organizations, known for their unparalleled success and recognition.
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Industry Induction

Whether your new recruits are straight from college or you've years of experience in another industry, entering the Telecom and IT industries can be daunting with acronym after acronym, techie jargon after techie jargon. The Signature Industry Induction Programme has been expertly created to demystify the jargon and tech speak and get your new recruits up to speed and profitable quickly! 

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