WITH ME, Gary May

If you’re reading this then I know something incredible about you already.

  • I know you’re not a person who will just accept this is your life and for you to be grateful for it. You don’t just want more, you deserve and need more.

  • You’re at a crossroads and instinctively know you either, except NOW as being your FUTURE or you need to do something about it now before it’s too late.

  • You know you have the talent, drive, and motivation to change but perhaps you don’t know which direction to take or how to apply it.


My ‘Elite Personal Mentoring Programme’ is designed for;


Business Owner

Board Directors

Sales Leaders & Directors

Sales Person

Sales Manager

Sales & Business Trainers

Business Coach

Life Coach


You will work with me directly to ensure you have the right mindset, are held accountable for your actions and together we’ll have a crystal clear and focused success plan enabling you to achieve your dream lifestyle, personal wealth goals, and future life happiness.

If you tired of not getting anywhere, feeling totally unappreciated and not getting the desired results then this is unquestionably for you!



If this is you then now is the time to make it happen. The ‘Elite Sales Success’ personal mentoring programme is for people just like you, who are wanting to take the leap and make the breakthrough into the life and wealth you desire.


Back in 2004 I myself was in this very same situation and staring at a website just like this.

My bank balance was negative, I had absolutely nothing in my savings account, I couldn’t be bothered to get up in the morning to the same old shit and battled with myself daily for not doing anything about it.


I really had gotten to a point in my life where I simply wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t earning the money I was also meant to and had woken up to the fact that, either I resign and accept the fact that this was my future life or I stop complaining and sought help and guidance and go and achieve the things I was meant to whilst on this Earth.

I remember hovering over the ‘enrol’ button literally shaking with anxiety fear and about the decision I was about to make an investment in someone else and trusting in them to help me achieve my life and wealth goals.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best and the most rewarding thing

I have ever done!

This is a 90 Day Elite Sales Success Mentoring Programme with me, Gary May.

When putting this amazing programme together I had strict criteria for what it should and shouldn’t contain.

I GUARANTEE my Mentoring Programmes DO NOT include:

  • Bull Shit, fluff or re-branded material you can find in any book or a quick google search

  • Endless empty motivational quotes (“If you believe then you will achieve”)

  • Typical Sales ‘Clichés. (“It’s just a numbers game”)

  • Being told to do something WITHOUT a full and comprehensive understanding of the research, the psychology or the science behind it


What to EXPECT from ME mentoring YOU:

  • A total appreciation of you as an individual, your role, your background, your life goals and your expectations of me

  • The absolute best and latest Influence and Persuasion Strategies ANYWHERE!

Real, proven and instantly usable Techniques

  • EVERYTHING I expect you to do. I will give you the science, the research, the psychology, and full understanding as to why, when and how something works

  • Straight talking with a ‘do it or forget it’ attitude. If you can’t be bothered then neither can I approach towards your future success

  • A lot of laughs and fun (my sense of humour gets me trouble all the time… You’ve been warned)

  • Someone who genuinely cares for you, your success and has a passion for your family’s 


  • If what we do together isn’t right for any of us, then I’ll be honest with you


FACT: Your success = My Reputation (I will not stop until you reach your goals)


90 Day Mentoring Programme

(Entry is extremely limited which is why membership is by application only and a discovery 45 minute telephone/video conversation)


  • 6 x 1-2-1 Coaching sessions with me personally.

Every two weeks we will spend an hour together working through your performance, problems, going through new strategies and setting goals for the next two weeks. (These sessions are extremely important to me and at a time convenient to you.)

  • Bi-weekly group monitoring sessions where you can share your ideas, worries, and successes with other inner circle group members. (All sessions are recorded and downloadable)

  • Monthly ‘exclusive strategy videos’ based solely from what comes out of our sessions

  • Secret Facebook page where I will share my latest research and yet to be published articles and videos



The Persuasion BluPrint – Covert Persuasion Strategies – Audio Programme

The Differentiation BluPrint – The Art of Dissuasion – Audio Programme

Best Selling Book - SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success


Complimentary access to all public events for a year!