Specialist Telecom Online Coaching Programmes


Lead Generation Acceleration - Online

90 day online training, coaching & mentoring programme for Lead Generators
Without a doubt, not only is generating new business lead essential to sustained business growth but it happens to be one of the difficult disciplines within any business. Over a 90 day period your team will be trained, coached and mentored by me personally ensuring they have the very best strategies, techniques and training within telecoms and consistently perform at an elite level. 

Elite Sales Mastery - Online

90 day training & mentoring programme for Sales, Account Manangement & Business Development
Inside my world-class and signature programme for 90 days you're teams will be exposed to the very latest sales, psychology, negotiation, persuasion and body-language strategies designed specifically for those the Telecom/ICT industries. 

Legendary Sales Leadership 180

world-class sales leadership mentoring programme
When it comes to sales leadership you will not find a better, telecom specific & all-encompassing mentoring programme anywhere.
With weekly live training, 121 coaching and full access to me personally, this is my premier programme ensuring they become sales leaders of legendary status!

My story...

The Before

In 2004 I was in this very same situation and staring at a website just like this.

Back then I was in a sales team and doing ok. Some months I'd exceed my targets yet others would be a real struggle! There was no consistency, no predictability and what worked one day would fall on it's arse the next.


Due to this inconsistency, my bank balance was either in negative or hovering around zero, I couldn't save any money because when I did I'd need it the next month to pay bills.


 Deep down I knew it wasn't my talent that was in question but the antiquated methods that I was being told to use. I was attempting to sell using the same 40 year old techniques that everyone else in the team was using but more importantly the very same strategies that my prospects had told their teams to use!

"Prospects are professional non-buyers!"


This was an epiphany for me! My prospects had become professional non buyers because the way, methods and techniques I was attempting to sell to them were exactly what they had trained their sales team to use!


(They knew how to get me off the phone and out the door without the sale.) 

The After

I really had gotten to a point in my life where I simply wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t earning the money I wanted, my son was on his way and my career was stagnant.


Either I resign and accept this was going to be my future life or I stop complaining, sought the help and guidance needed and go and achieve the things I was meant to with the talent I had.

Dr Kevin Hogan, Dave Lakhani & Dr Eric Knowles

Early 2005 I decided that if I was going to achieve what I wanted then I had to seek help, find the latest sales strategies and be the best version of me.

Consistently, a guy called Dr Kevin Hogan kept appearing in search results and was widely acknowledged as a world leading expert in Sales, Influence, Persuasion & Body language having written multiple best selling books, featured in huge publications and even being consulted by national governments! 

Based in the US to join his Mastermind Inner Circle was $12,000 plus I'd have to pay fly to Las Vegas and pay for accomodation. 

I remember hovering over the ‘enrol’ button literally shaking with anxiety and fear about the decision I was about to invest and trust in someone else to coach and mentor me to achieve my life and wealth goals.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best and the most rewarding thing I have ever done!

Within 12 months I was at the top of the sales team, promoted to Sales Director, was speaking at Caesars Palace Las Vegas and sharing the stage with Persuasion and Psychology heavyweights, Dave Lakhani and Dr Eric knowles who later become mentors, co-authors and most importantly friends.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I was in the exact same position and I understand how you might be feeling however I can assure you that you'd be in good company.

My ‘Elite Personal Mentoring Programme’ is designed for;


Business Owner

Board Directors

Sales Leaders & Directors

Sales Person

Sales Manager

Sales & Business Trainers

Business Coach

Life Coach


You will work with me directly to ensure you have the right mindset, are held accountable for your actions and together we’ll have a crystal clear and focused success plan enabling you to achieve your dream lifestyle, personal wealth goals, and future life happiness.

If you tired of not getting anywhere, feeling totally unappreciated and not getting the desired results then this is unquestionably for you!



If this is you then now is the time to make it happen. The ‘Elite Sales Success’ personal mentoring programme is for people just like you, who are wanting to take the leap and make the breakthrough into the life and wealth you desire.

"Prospects are professional non-buyers!


They know how to prevent you selling or booking an appointment because they teach their own teams the very same sales methods!" Gary

Lead Generation Acceleration - Online

Programme overview

Specific for those in the Telecoms, ICT and Mobile industries, the Lead Generation Accelerator is a specialist  programme designed for those responsible and tasked with generating new business leads, telemarketing and appointment setting.


Delivered, coached and supported by me personally your team will have access to the most profitable and unique strategies found not just in telecoms but in any industry and which have been responsible for creating some of the most prolific and award winning sales organisations anywhere. Gary

Supported Programme Additions


#2 - Before the Programme Start Date

On gaining access to the private Facebook group each member will be required to complete and submit an 'Induction Form'. The form is designed for me to understand their current skills, performance levels, challenges and programme expectations.



#4 - Programme Progress Reporting 

Each training module is closely monitored and reported back you to. This ensures the programme attendees have not only watched the training but have completed the necessary exercises where applicable.









#6 - Call Assessment & Feedback

Without a doubt this is one of the most valuable aspects of the supported programme for both you, your team and business. Group members are invited to send me their call records directly to be assessed and commented on to ensure their understanding, implementation and ongoing progress.



#1 - Programme Enrolment

Once you enrol one of your team members they will be sent a link to join a private Facebook group.






#3 - Training & Coaching Process

For 12 weeks, every Monday morning programme attendees will receive notification that their latest training video and documentation has been added to the private group.









#5 - Live Support and Implementation Sessions With me Personally

For those who choose the 'Supported' option every Friday group members will have the opportunity to work with me directly where together we will work on their individual challenges, performance levels, implementation troubles and lead generation pitches.





#7 - Unlimited Email & In-Group Support

Of course, there will be times when a group member has a question, query or just requires clarification. Whether it's questioning, objection handling, feature benefits or closing, I want to ensure that if there is a concern then they have the facility to get the answers from me directly. On joining the programme, members will receive a private group support email address.

Here's how it works

What content is covered?

The critical art of social prospecting

Have your team unlock monumental opportunities by understanding and implementing social prospecting strategies. In this vital module, your team will be exposed to how to search for their ideal prospect using boolean search terms, how to connect to people without offending or annoying them and how to create conversations that don't frustrate or repel prospects.

[As a simple example, hold your mobile phone camera at the QR code shown] 

Mindset mastery

The monumental importance of your role

Unfortunately, when asked, those in the positions of a lead generator, telemarketer, telesales, or appointment setter will be of the opinion that their position is towards the bottom of the company ladder. In reality, their roles are critical to the prosperity of any businesses.  Without having legendary lead generators, there's NO appointment made, NO opportunities to sell, NO profits into the business and ultimately NO lasting future for the business! 
If you've done it, then you'll know! Selling, lead generation and appointment setting are without doubt some of the hardest job roles within any organisation. Without the right mindset, it becomes all the more difficult and for some, impossible. During this incredible module, I will give you the strategies, ensuring you have the right mindset for success. You'll discover how to create unwavering motivation, how to strategically create confidence and how to keep energy levels high even when things get tough. I will detail how to measure your true performance over and above the number of calls, talk time etc, how to get yourself prepared for every single call and how to always be on top of your game! 
It's never what you say

Ever noticed that within two words, you have all the information you require to ask a friend whether they are alright? The understanding and mastery of voice tone is an absolutely crucial element for the success of anyone using the telephone to sell, persuade or ask another person to commit. You will learn the psychology of voice tone and how using the wrong one on just a single word will be causing the failure of your prospect and customer calls. (KEY POINT: Without knowing about and mastering this one module, I can guarantee everything else will suffer and you will not get the results you desire)

Business leader insights
I have had the privilege of being consulted and working alongside some of the most talented and successful business leaders across 28 countries worldwide. What's the advantage of this? By questioning these elite leaders about their thoughts, frustrations and how they detect a sales call, I can now give your the insights that many others, including your competitors, don't have and will never know! 
Unique gatekeeper strategies

What you will not find here are the same old techniques known by everyone else, used your competitors and which can be found on numerous websites and existing publications. What you will find are completely unique approaches to gatekeeping utilising the laws of persuasion combined with the psychology of decision making.

The one thing missing
What has been proven to be the most persuasive quality when selling to another person but yet is totally missing from nearly all sales calls? Empathy! In this module, I will show you how to build empathy into each and every call, ensuring you build instant rapport and differentiate your call from the thousands of others. What you currently believe is building rapport is actually the cause of your prospect claiming they are not interested and hanging up!
Permission granted

This one unique 'Gary May' strategy is responsible for increasing client conversion rates from 3% to 37% within two days! Never have I designed, researched and proven a strategy that has such a monumental effect on performance and sales results. This totally unique approach will give you and your team something that up until now has eluded even the very best telephone sales professionals, ‘Prospects giving YOU permission and asking you to carry on and present to them'.

Influential questioning strategies
You will discover two very unique and persuasive forms of questioning technique that ensures you not only know the answers before you’ve asked the question, you keep full control of the conversation and uncover hidden objections that would otherwise result in you hearing NO.
Elite feature benefit pitching

Coming directly from the latest buying psychology and consumer behaviour research, you will learn the processes required for your prospects to buy-in to the features and benefits of your solution. All the research studies show that your prospects and existing clients brains have to receive information in a specific way and in dedicated order for them to see the true value of your proposition, take action and make a good buying decision.

Objection mastery
Consumer and buying psychology proves that a prospects sales objections are the result of them experiencing either, resistance, reactance or inertia but how many salespeople understand this? Answer, virtually none. Knowing why a prospect has an objection means you can overcome it before it even exists. Pioneered by my good friend and mentor Dr Eric Knowles, I will take you through each type of buying objection and give you the required strategies to overcome each of them.
Legendary closing 

"...As soon as this closing strategy is published, it will be adopted by every known salesperson" Gary May

When we work together, I will tell you the exact same thing. Not only is my closing strategy unique, but it is the crowning glory of over two years worth of research and results. Never will you have heard or used any strategy that will outperform what I will share with you and with a success rate of 97.7%! 

Cancellation Eradication
I get it! Booking an appointment, securing an order or receiving the necessary paperwork on the telephone is super tough! However, what's even tougher is having all your hard word disappear when a prospect or customer decides to cancel! In this critical module, I will show you an exacting step-by-step formula to eradicate cancellations, keep prospect interest levels high and have them looking forward to working or meeting with you.
Maximum compliance & unrivalled loyalty

Securing the order, setting an appointment or receiving the paperwork is only the beginning. What if you need to another meeting, locate missing documents or have an up or cross-selling proposition. Clients who have implemented my maximum compliance model have produced increased compliance levels and upselling results by 378% against their previous two years figures! 

What's the cost?

Option 1 - Training Only 

Option 2 - Fully Supported  

  • Private Facebook Group
  • 12 x Weekly Exclusive Video Training 
  • 12 x Training Documentation
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 12 x Weekly Exclusive Video Training 
  • 12 x Training Documentation
  • Weekly 'LIVE' Support & Implementation Sessions
  • Private Group Support Email Address
  • Unlimited Email & In-Group Support
  • Exclusive Call Listening Assessment & Feedback
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring

 £25 per week / person

Total 12 Week Programme Cost £300

Only £35 per week / person

Total 12 Week Programme Cost £420

Elite Sales Kick Start 10

Here's what is included

  • High-impact accountability and weekly check-ins to make sure you do what you said you would

  • A private members area so you get access to coaching and training 

  • Access to all the trainings via both MP3 and video, so you can listen back at any time for inspiration, direction & motivation 

  • 8 world-class sales, influence, persuasion and body language strategies that nobody outside my programmes have access to

  • Life-time access to all supporting documentation

  • Elite implementation strategies to ensure you can use and benefit from the training instantly

  • Unlimited email access to me personally to ask questions, queries or suggestions

  • Weekly 'LIVE' unlimited Q&A and strategy sessions with me personally (no stand ins, no substitute teachers)

Here's what you'll learn

Day #1 - Winning in a Competitive Marketplace

Discover how your personal and company USP's (Unique Selling Points) are actually nothing but Universal Sales

Propositions. Learn how to truly differentiate yourself from

your industry competitors 






Day #3 - Persuasive Questioning to Get Yes

Learn my totally unique questioning technique ensuring you get a positive result and why all the training on questioning you've heard before are actually wrong!




Day #5 - Live Q&A and Strategy Session With me Personally

Your opportunity to ask me anything about the work and strategies we covered during the week and how to implement them into your sales presentation





Day #7 - Never Have to Chase Prospects Again

By using two psychological principles you are going to discover how you never have to chase prospects for a decision ever again but have them chasing you instead






Day #9 -  Understand Where to Sit for Maximum Persuasiveness

Knowing where to sit in a selling situation can be the difference between getting the order or being thrown out. I will show and take you through many examples of where not to sit by understanding the psychology of seating 


Day #2 - How to Annihilate Your Competition

I will show you how to have a sales conversion rate of over 78% when put up against your competitors (this one strategy is worth £10,000 alone) 




Day #4 - Reading the Minds of Prospects & Customers 

Discover how to read the minds of your prospects, understand what they are thinking, how they are feeling and when they have an objection so you can overcome it before they mention it



Day #6 - The Art of Role Projection

Do you actually make your own decisions or are you simply playing the 'Roles Projected' onto you by others? I will show you step-by-step how to get anyone to play any role you need them to play in order to get a positive outcome.



Day #8 - How to Price & Present Products to Influence Decisions

Learn how to present and persuasively price products ensuring your prospects choose the option you want them to as if it was their own idea






Day #10 - Live Q&A and Strategy Session With me Personally

Your opportunity to ask me anything about the work and strategies we covered during the week and how to implement them into your sales presentation

Ready to Kick Start your sales?


  • 6 x 1-2-1 Coaching sessions with me personally.

Every two weeks we will spend an hour together working through your performance, problems, going through new strategies and setting goals for the next two weeks. (These sessions are extremely important to me and at a time convenient to you.)

  • Bi-weekly group monitoring sessions where you can share your ideas, worries, and successes with other inner circle group members. (All sessions are recorded and downloadable)

  • Monthly ‘exclusive strategy videos’ based solely from what comes out of our sessions

  • Secret Facebook page where I will share my latest research and yet to be published articles and videos



The Persuasion BluPrint – Covert Persuasion Strategies – Audio Programme

The Differentiation BluPrint – The Art of Dissuasion – Audio Programme

Best Selling Book - SELLING – Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success


Complimentary access to all public events for a year!

If you’re reading this then I know something incredible about you already.

  • I know you’re not a person who will just accept this is your life and for you to be grateful for it.

  • You don’t just want more, you deserve and need more.

  • You’re at a crossroads and instinctively know you either, you except 'now' as being your 'future' or you need to do something about it and change direction.

  • You know you have the talent, drive, and motivation to change but perhaps you don’t know how or in which direction to take or apply it.

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