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What's included?

What's included?

Public speaking & group delivery 

Being able to present to a board of directors or sat in face to face in an office is not the same a delivering to your team. Understanding your team's group dynamic, who influences who and how to communicate each person are skills often overlooked and left out of traditional sales training; however, they are vital for any sales leader. Having the skills, confidence and knowledge of where to stand, how to field questions and how to spot, interest, understanding, and boredom is essential. 

[WARNING: Losing control of the room and your entire team and company suffer but who will be made responsible?]

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Motivation Mastery
Keeping your teams motivated and wanting to succeed is vital for the success of any sales leader. Unfortunately, making your team watch a funny video, sending them endless motivational quotes and telling them to keep positive isn't going to cut it. During this model, you will learn numerous techniques to ensure your teams are highly motivated, engaged and at the top of their game.
Elite performance measurement

Are your current KPI measures measuring the true skill set of your team? Generally, the measure of a 'Good' Salesperson in most businesses is by 'how much revenue/profit/turnover is brought into the business' or for some they prefer 'the number of sales closed or converted'. Both of these are reasonable indicators in their own right but, unfortunately, both massively flawed in measuring true salesmanship. Together will look and discover alternative KPI's and statistics which will not only show your true superstars but will help design your training programmes and revolutionise your team's focus and motivation.

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Become a legendary sales trainer
One for the most important aspects of being a sales leader is your ability to coach, convey ideas and deliver expert training to your teams. Noticeably, left out of traditional sales leadership programmes, I will give you the tools and materials so that you can design elite sales training programmes and identify your team's training needs.
Implementation is everything!

One of my original mentors, Dave Lakhani (multiple best-selling author and world-class speaker) has a saying.

"Implementation is everything, and money follows action!"

How true is that?! As a sales leader, not only do you have to deliver world-class training, but you are responsible for your team's implementation of it. This is one of the hardest and most frustrating things a sales leader faces. During this module, we look at various models and techniques to inspire and ensure your team implement your coaching and training.

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Legendary sales meeting model
Your weekly, monthly, quarterly or even your annual sales meetings can be either a welcomed injection of inspiration to your team or a simply a day where they couldn't sell and source of resentment! I will give you and take you through step-by-step my elite sales meeting model to create events your teams can't wait to be a part of.
Performance management mastery

Have you been praising the wrong people?

We all know that conversion rates, the number of sales and profit are the indicators of a great salesperson? Or are they?

Unfortunately, all three of these measures have vital flaws in the identification of what is a true elite performer. I will take you through what statistics are required in order for you to measure who are your real tops performers. Often it is not who you would think!

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Legendary Sales Leadership programme duration
Who should attend?

Without a doubt, this is my premium and most comprehensive coaching programme I have ever put together. Due to the world-class content and the level of learning required the programme is by application only.


Entry is only open to those who are serious about their role and want to take their sales leadership career to the very highest levels.

In Person Training - 4 Full Intensive Days

Online Programme - 12 Weeks

Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive and expertly designed sales leadership programme containing so much world-class content, expert mentorship and award-winning strategies.


NOTE: Only the seriously ambitious and dedicated should attend!

Typical roles include: Business Owners/Managing Directors/Sales Directors/Sales Leaders/Sales Managers/Sales Trainers

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