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If you require a generic sales refresher speaker then I'm probably not for you or your event! For those seeking fresh, new and unique sales growth strategies then I will guaranteed to deliver a presentation like no other.


Unquestionably, if you’ve seen and heard Gary speak then you’ll know exactly what to expect. An inspirational, fast paced, machine gun presenter with unique sales strategy after unique sales strategy coming one after the other yet, every one of them being expertly explained with real life experiences, astute observations, and backed by proven research. With Gary you are guaranteed to walk away inspired and motivated, a head full of profitable new strategies and a huge smile on your face.

My most sought after presentations 

[Format to suit your event]

The Persuasion Equation - It's no wonder Gary has been described as the 'Business Derren Brown' due to his understanding of what makes us humans act and react, often without us being conscious of it. This is no ordinary sales refresher, this is an expose of what makes an ’Elite’ performer and how to replicate sales success utilising the very best Persuasion strategies.

The Psychology of Buying - We know more about the human mind now than at any time in history yet, someone forgot to tell the salespeople! A unique and highly amusing discovery of how your prospects buying process is in complete contradiction to how you've been taught to sell. An insight into how we’ve been getting it wrong for decades, what makes customers and clients say yes and what keeps them coming back for more.

The Differentiation BluPrint - Gary's very own 'Differentiation Model', you'll come away with the most profitable, unique and thought changing sales model you're likely ever to be presented with. Utilising the very latest psychological research the Differentiation BluPrint ensures you are the ‘MUST HAVE’ company to deal with.

The Seduction BluPrint - Customer satisfaction has become the staple diet of every company's claims but how much of it is true? Gary will walk you through a humorous yet hugely thought provoking view of customer service like you’ve never heard before bringing instant results the moment it gets employed.

"...My Salesology approach is the combination of two crucial selling elements - the Art of Sales and the Science of Persuasion. Master these vital skills and unique strate- gies and I will guide you and your business to become ‘THE ELITE' .
I personally GUARANTEE it! " - Gary